Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving — Albert Einstein

My oldest friend reminded me last night that I need to drink my own Koolaid. And by Koolaid, she means “green juice”.

We went to dinner together last night, I was complaining that I haven’t been able to work out in months because of a rollerblading accident where I landed flat on my bum.

Yes, I said rollerblading. Yes, I said accident. All joking aside, boy was it painful.

I am the type of person that when I don’t exercise or move in some way, I literally feel like my head could spin around 8 times like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. It is how I release steam, and it’s how I relieve stress.

Not being able to move due to the pain, I felt trapped in my own body. It is one of the most frustrating feelings to experience. I started to feel disconnected from my body because I wasn’t able to move, or work out in the ways I was used to. Instead of trying to stretch or do small movements,  I allowed the pain to keep me sedentary.

I always tell my clients to do what they can no matter how they are feeling and to make sure they do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Whether that means doing restorative yoga, pumping some serious iron with two pound weights, jumping for ten minutes on a rebounder, or even just going for a short but brisk walk outside. I have made time for the walking, but since I fell and hurt myself so badly, I really haven’t taken my own advice. Or in the words of my friend, had a sip of my own Koolaid.

Today I am making the commitment to myself to do some arm exercises and take a long walk outside. I am making the commitment to do deep breathing exercises every time I start to feel disconnected from my body. I am going to hold myself accountable to support myself in my own healing process. What are you committed to doing today and what are you going to hold yourself accountable for? Make a choice. Make a change. Start now.