Labor Day brought summer to a close, and with it the end of hot weather treats.

We all have our favorites—and it’s no wonder the jeans feel a little snug. Had a few too many tequila shots? Did the guac and chips get a little too out of control the last few weeks? Do you feel like there is a layer of water surrounding every part of your body? Put your hands in the air and drop the cheese block and the rose. It is all fun and games until those jeans don’t fit. It is time to reset.

For me, fall is like a new year. It is time to reset, reconnect, recharge, and set new intentions.

Let’s do some house cleaning and de-bloating to get us set up for success for this brand new beautiful season that is yours for the taking.

7 Ways to Feel Better + Fall into a New You this Fall

1. First Things First.

I am a firm believer in starting your day in the most positive way.

2. Mindfulness and Meditation.

Physical cleansing and emotional cleansing are all part of the same package. A meditation upon waking is setting your day up for success. End your meditation saying 5 things you are grateful for. This immediately enhances your ability to be present, as well as calm you down and set you up for the day in a happy and effective way. We will talk about this more in the upcoming series, but at the very least, sit with yourself, take some deep breaths and decide how you want your body, mind and soul to feel throughout the day. Set the intention to slow down and reset. Commit to taking care of yourself in a tender and loving way.

3. Banish the bloat.

There’s no better time to begin combating (and preventing) bloat than first thing in the morning. Trade in your morning coffee for a mug of hot water and the juice of half a fresh lemon to jump start your digestion. The warmth of the water is soothing for your body, and the lemon gives it an extra kick to get you moving, and grooving. The pectin fiber in lemons is very beneficial for colon health and helps flush out toxins and encourages the production of bile. Lemons are also an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies, as well as other electrolytes.

4. Go green.

Give your digestion a slight break by following your hot water with lemon with a green juice or a green smoothie for breakfast. You can make a quick stop at your local juice bar or make your own at home! Get creative if you are making your own, but definitely throw in dark leafy spinach, kale, or collards to help your system regain a healthy pH balance. Give that bod the alkaline boost it deserves and needs especially after a summer of indulgences.

5. Hydrate.

Keep a water bottle handy. I also recommend increasing your water intake after a day (or weeks) of over indulging. Try setting a goal of drinking a liter of water before noon to help flush out your system. Drinking more later in the day won’t then seem as daunting. Hate drinking water? Get creative – add some lemon or lime (or both), cucumber slices, or even some strawberry. No excuses. Just get it done.

6. Move your body.

Break a sweat. Getting your blood circulating is imperative to your feeling good, and sweating also helps to detoxify the body. Whether you choose yoga, rebounding, dance cardio, or want to get your power walk on–get that bod moving. Even 10 minutes a day makes a difference!

Another way of breaking a sweat is to jump in an infrared sauna. It’s relaxing, of course, but it also helps with detoxification, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure. Bonus: an infrared sauna feels heavenly.

7. Cut out the crap.

We will go into this in depth in a later post, but for this purpose (and all purposes, really) eating simple, unprocessed foods lets your digestive system do what it does best. Adding asparagus, dandelion greens, cucumber, parsley, and celery to your salads will help you lose water weight naturally. Eating food with fiber (chia seeds, flax, and raspberries, for example) is a win-win idea! They help you clean house, lose weight, and taste great. What’s not to love?

Let’s start fall by bringing back the basics, friends, and set ourselves up for a brand new season that is highly successful.

These tips will definitely help you get your glow on. No one deserves more care than you, and self-care is the best gift you can give yourself now and always. Here is to a happy, and healthy fall!